Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Shmow

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate snow? Sigh. It's been a long day.

I hate driving in the snow. A lot. It's not my driving that I'm worried about so much...it's all the other crazy drivers out there. Anyway...we won't get into that. I had to go into work today for payroll and it took me a couple of hours to get through everything for the day. When I went outside to leave....my windshield was covered in ice! Are you kidding me? Sigh. So, I got out in the insanely cold snow and scraped my windshield so that I could see. {Just so you know...it was completely clean before I went to work. This was all new ice!}

Then...I got back in my car and as I attempted to pull out into the road, I realized my car was stuck. Yep. Tires spinning, not moving...stuck. Are you kidding me? Thankfully I had drivers education with Mr. Mecham and so I knew all about the "rocking" technique. You know...reverse, forward, reverse, forward...back, forth, back, forth...until you are able to "rock" out of the sticky spot. I made it out...whew. Off to Costco.

Did you know that apparently it was A-ok to ride your bicycle down the middle of a busy road if the sidewalks are covered in snow?

I didn't know that either. Hmmm.....

Did you know that apparently it is A-ok to WALK down the middle of a busy road if the sidewalks are covered in snow?

Again...me either. See where I'm going with this?

Did you know that if you drive a BIG truck you don't have to worry about slick roads because...hey! You're in a BIG truck. Those other people in their cute little Pacifica's? They should stop for you. Oh wait! Not all Pacifica's have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? That's right! Wow....should have thought twice when you thought the lady with the angry eyes behind the wheel would actually stop for you and your BIG ass truck.

Ahem. {Calming down now}

Yeah...some dumb guy in a truck tried to pull out DIRECTLY in front of me in a non-snow plowed parking lot. My car doesn't stop on a dime in the snow. Let's just say he learned a lesson today. And that is....don't pull out in front of people in the snow! Dumb!

Continuing on...

Did you know that snow tires are about $150 each? And that by the time you pay for all four of them and have them installed and balanced and whatnot it's going to cost almost $900? FOR TIRES! THAT YOU ONLY USE WHEN IT'S SNOWY OUTSIDE!

Have I mentioned that I hate snow?


Montay said...

Silly girl Happy Big snow Daaaayyyy!!! Happy big snow Daaayyyyy!!!! We all know how I feel about snow its the ice I don't like. Well,driving on the freeway in it.

Bonnie B. said...

You get a gtear big DITTO from me!

~Virginia~ said...

and here i thought unsticking my wiper blades from the windshield was a pain in the ass. we rarely get ice/snow, but last week we got some snow flurries. and all of houston proceeded to freak out. sigh.

may you have a wonderful (snow-free) holiday and prosperous new year! :)

Anonymous said...

You have to come take a look at my blog... we are bonding today!

Holly said...

I hear ya...let's all move to St. George. Oh wait, there's snow there too.

AmyJ said...

Thanks for reminding me why I stay at home most days.

Shannon said...

You gotta love it huh! I just keep moving where there is more and more snow:(