Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yes, that's right!
I saw this at the grocery store the other day and knew I HAD to try it. {Plus, it was on sale, so I kind of had to right?}
I love blueberries. Not just a little bit...but A LOT. Blueberry muffins....blueberry scones....blueberry waffles...blueberry cheesecake....oh yeah!
As many of you know, I have been attempting to eat healthier. These last few weeks I have really been struggling to keep to my goals. Every night after dinner my sweet tooth kicks in and it's been hard to stay strong. In fact, last night I ate a bag of M&Ms. {They were SO good!} BUT! This is not good...once I get started I often have a hard time staying strong and it snowballs from there.
Well, this cereal is going to save me! {I hope}
Considering that most candy bars/chocolate items contain super large amounts of carbs, I figured why not swap them for a nice bowl of blueberry cereal goodness instead? What is the difference you ask? Well...let me tell you.
0 grams of fat in my cereal....10 grams of fat in a package of M&Ms
100 calories vs. 250 calories
7 grams of sugar vs. 30 grams of sugar
Plus, the cereal has Vitamin A and C, and contain 45% of your daily needs for iron.
My sugar craving is gone...and I didn't blow it for the day. Hallelujah! Both my brain and my tummy can be happy.


Montay said...

Yummy I got a carton of fresh bluberries from my mom to have for the trip back this last time and yummy!!

Bonnie B. said...

I always love finding a yummy AND healthy snack! Kudos to you. Enjoy your blueberry goodness!

AmyJ said...

Do NOT try the malt-o-meal brand blueberry muffin cereal. Disgusting! Maybe I'll try this one.