Sunday, October 12, 2008

getting crafty-wafty

Yes, that's right. I got my "craft" on for Girls Night this last week. My friend, Montay, was awesome enough to host and made kits for each of us to create this beautiful masterpiece.

Sorry for the poor picture quality...I just took a quick snap so I could share with you. :0)

It is a standing recipe holder. We each brought our own coordinating papers and ribbons and then proceeded to mod podge the papers onto the boards and ink the crap out of them.

The ginormous rings at the top make it possible for you to lift each section up to view the index card recipes. I obviously haven't gotten to stuffing mine with recipes yet. :0)

Anyway...we had so much fun and I got to take this home! Thanks so much Montay for being such an awesome host and for putting so much time and effort into these kits for us. You rock!


Holly said...

That was a good time! Your's turned out grat btw! Can't wait for next month!

Becky said...

cute, very cute. I love that you are SO consistent with your GNO. I'm jealous.:)

Bonnie B. said...

I love the colors you picked. It's so cute!

Montay said...

Thanks it was fun and Yes Robs says that if he gets all the yummy treats again I will host another crafy GNO!!! said...

very niiiice looking. i love making stuff :)