Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn Let Down

That's right. You heard me. It was a let down. :0( The ending just didn't do it for me. The whole book was really good up until the very end. I was waiting for something big and important to happen and was like she had all this build up to....well....nothing. Nothing! Sigh. I won't go into further detail as I don't want to spoil it for other readers, but that's my thoughts on Breaking Dawn. I'm not saying that it's not worth reading. You have to have the story finished out. And, the author did a good job of tying up all of the bits and pieces leaving things GOOD. I can't explain because that would give it away. She is one creative and imaginative girl, that Stephenie. I also loved the mentioning of more family names within the book. For those of you that don't know, my friend is cousins with Ms. Meyer. Click on the Larsen family link on my sidebar there to get to her blog. If you read 'The Host' you know all about the main character, Melanie, who just so happens to be named after my friends sister. Yes, Alicia's family is now famous! :0) There are mentions of more family names in the other books as well. In the 4th book you will meet Rachel and EJ, which are also names of Alicia's siblings. {Though I was told that EJ was also the name of Stephenie's grandpa or something similar to that}.
Anyway...there you go. My review....let me know what you thought about it!

It's three hours after I first posted this and I'm just letting you know that even though I was let down by the anticlimactic ending....
I miss Bella and Edward.
It's sad knowing there won't be any more stories about their life. I want to know what happens next still.
I know....I'm a vampire lover.
So sue me.


Amber M. said...

I posted a longer review over on my blog earlier this week, but I was also expecting a little more. But I loved that it ended good and that I know the characters I love will be okay.

I also think it was almost too much for one book. Should have been two. But then I'd be complaining because I didn't know what the ending was going to be. Can't make this girl happy!:-)

AmyJ said...

Good. Now I don't have to read them! I only read the first one and I have to admit it was a little wierd for me.

Ty and Melissa Sleight said...

Hi there! I found your cute blog! Yeah...I can't get myself to read the exact same book millions of other people are reading. I didn't do Harry Potter either...I know it's like a sin!

Alicia said...

We will have to discuss, I liked the ending, I want to say more here, but I would give away too much, so we will have to chat in person.

Tess said...

I totally agree with you. It was way too easy! I kept thinking, "No, something else will happen. . ." but, nope it was all hunky dorey! But, I did like that everyone had someone in the end. I too will miss Edward and Bella's lives as a part of mine. Now, we have to anxiously await the movie! :)

~Virginia~ said...

i hate it when that happens! you invest time and energy into reading what appears to be a good book and then you come to the end...only to be disappointed. grr. hope your next read is better! :)